Ballad of a Deadman
If you can cheer me up, I will pour you a glass of whiskey.
It makes me so sad that my cat don’t know that this time tomorrow she won’t be here anymore.

It hurts.

Lazy Sunday night, Time for takeaway and netflix.

And beer and whiskey trying to drink these blues away.

The White Buffalo - This Year

Well how could it all fall apart so fast
And why would I think it would ever last?
When everything is dying, well, how can I feel alive?

Oh, life is short, well all good days disappear
Maybe I’ve been lost, maybe I’ll get found, this year.

How beautiful is my boo :(

How beautiful is my boo :(

Oh, how many travelers get weary Bearing both their burdens and their scars Don’t you think they’d love to start all over And fly like eagles out among the stars?
You always say you want a girl who will snuggle you and drink whiskey with you and love your beard and well, can I be your June Carter and walk the line for you? I see you're having a rough patch. Please know it will be okay. Pinky swear.

I would love someone to be my June Carter, I hope it will be okay. :(

God you post A LOT of photos of yourself, it's a little bit excessive. No offence.

No offence taken.

Spending the last day with my cat today before she gets put down.

I’m going to end up weeping.