Ballad of a Deadman
Watching Bad Grandpa.
Who’s down for a chat?
Old people and young parents make Facebook boring.

Just saying!

I want a freakin’ El Camino!


It’s 2AM and I’m listening to Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper.

I think i might be crazy!

Wow that anon was an ass. I think you're cute. Chubby guys are the best:)

Thanks for the kind words.

you think youre attractive because u have a beard, but in fact youre just a fat guy who sits at home and drinks by himself.

I’m guessing your beardless and as thin as a pencil, I don’t think i’m attractive. “drinks by himself.”, Get your facts straight but I’ll tell you this fact for free, I’d rather have a drink by myself than with you.

Tell me something. You can even be nasty if you want!


Oh yes, My friend has invited me to come stay over in Missouri!

I’ll be back in America sooner than I thought.